Spring 2024

Featured Artists

Cover Artist

Lia Coleman

Lia Coleman

Lia Coleman (they/them) is a Chinese-American artist making art for their ancestors. Through gestural drawing and handmade embroidery, Coleman uses repetitive movement as a means of ritual. Like a séance, their creative process attempts to connect with ancestral knowledge held within the body. They are based in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania.


To our knowledge, none of the art featured in this issue has been created using generative AI.

Issue Art, listed in order of appearance:

  • untitled, © Greg Brave /Adobe Stock
  • untitled, © faiyiro /Adobe Stock
  • window in the dark attic, © Tok /Adobe Stock
  • Yokohama City Library, illustration from Japanese Fireworks Catalogs

Contributing Editors

Emily Pellegrini

Emily, an expert wordsmith with a knack for sharpening syntax and usage, reviewed each of the works featured here. Thank you, Emily, for helping shape this issue!