Profession of faith


by Mike Noble
Issue 4: faith

© Vladimir


The old satellite dish
  technology’s word made whole
in mute obsolescence stands
  motor frozen
  hinges rusted
  fiberglass worn to a frizzled beard
the receiver pointed
  like a Sistine finger
to space
where a satellite once reigned o’er the earth
pointed to a deity
  that answers not
  that long since fell in flames

We believe in the Faster Almighty
  breaker of heaven and earth
  of all that is seen and obscene

 in this belief do we build
  with no day of rest
and see that it is good
not knowing any better

the dish stranded on the roof
  the work of human hands
turns one, blind eye
toward the empty heavens.


Mike Noble

Mike Noble

Mike Noble copes with his apprehension of technology as a Systems Analyst for a mental health clinic in Saratoga County, New York. His poetry is generally reclusive, but once made an appearance in Metroland magazine.