Fall 2019

Featured Artist

Casey McClelland

Casey McClelland

Casey McClelland is a painter, potter, and assemblist. Originally from Pennsylvania, Casey studied at Edinboro University. His technique is largely self-taught and experimental, and he often collaborates with his brother Mike (a writer). He lives in Georgia with his family. Find him on Instagram @artbycasey.

Title & artist, listed in order of appearance:

Painted background with bloody candle, © samiramay/Adobe Stock
The Gait of the Frost Giant, © Casey McClelland
Dragon Glass, © Casey McClelland
tea party with a demon, © Solomandra/Adobe Stock
Crow Spirit, © Heartland Arts/Adobe Stock
Mermaid tale watercolor, © Sveta_Aho/Adobe Stock
small thai style bell in temple, © chok68/Adobe Stock


David Olsen

Thank you, David, for proofreading Issue 5 works! We know David from the San Francisco Bay Area publishing world, where he currently wizards for University of California Press and previously worked magic at Locus magazine.