by Robin M. Eames
Issue 2: Game

To Make by Allie Cheroutes

close all cupboard doors
step on all pavement cracks
tap doorknobs thrice before entry
travel in last train carriage
set seven alarms
check locks/stovetop/candlewicks
change clothes again
hold breath past graveyards
befriend black cats
catch leaves as they fall
avoid symmetrical fruit
avoid eye contact
tie and untie shoelaces
don’t name the Scottish play
don’t sleep facing north
don’t blink in mirrors
forbid whistling
hang iron horseshoes
hoard wine bottles
throw salt over shoulder
flick light switches nine times
carry old pennies
pocket thumbstones
wear hematite


Robin M. Eames

Robin M. Eames

Robin M. Eames is a queer crip punk poet who is only mostly dead. Their work has been published in Cordite, Voiceworks, Archer, and Strange Horizons, among others. They live on Gadigal land. You can find them online at robinmeames.org and on Twitter @robinmarceline.