Winter 2020

Guest Editor

Stefani Cox

Stefani Cox

Stefani Cox is a speculative fiction writer and poet based in Los Angeles, as well as an MFA candidate in UC Riverside’s creative writing program. Stefani’s work has been published to LeVar Burton Reads, Speculative City, and the anthology Black from the Future, among other outlets. She has received fellowships to Hedgebrook, Tin House, and VONA, and previously served as an associate editor at PodCastle. Stefani also holds a master’s in urban planning from UC Berkeley. Find her on Twitter @stefanicox or her website

Featured Artists

Cover Artist

Jacqueline C.J. Barnes

Jacqueline C.J. Barnes

JCJB creates worlds that reflect our current society through a fantastical lens. She is a storyteller that engages with different forms of escapist media such as animations, speculative fiction, video games, and graphic novels. She also deals with creating different forms of representation within these mediums in terms of race, gender, and sexuality. Jacqueline’s work stems from a personal need to see herself and others represented positively in a fun and engaging way. Learn more at

Issue Art, listed in order of appearance:

  • whale constellation, © vector punch/Adobe Stock

  • untitled, © lisima/Adobe Stock

  • metal gear mechanism, © Sergey Nivens/Adobe Stock

  • color brush texture, © jiwhan/Adobe Stock

  • untitled, © Avgustus/Adobe Stock

  • untitled © Donald “C-Note” Hooker

  • connection, © rolffimages/Adobe Stock